The ABCs of Blogging by Ford Saeks

Jim’s note: Whenever I find something of value written by someone else, I want to pass it along. Today, I am blogging this blogpost by another blogger who blogged about blogging! You can follow that blog here. It’s a very creative and clever way to highlight the 24 most important things you can do with your blog.

Ford Saeks, President & CEO of Prime Concepts Group

Did anyone even know or care what a blog was ten years ago? None of us did; but we now know it’s a powerful communication and marketing tool that can add value to your readers, and increase your digital footprint to grow your business.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned blogger, use these ABCs of Blogging Tips to improve your blogging.

Add value to attract attention

Build trust to create a following

Consistency is crucial to keep readers coming back

Don’t self-promote or down talk the competition

Engage your audience by encouraging feedback

Focus on topical ideas to increase search engine rankings

Grow readership through email campaigns and social media links

Hold yourself accountable for the content you publish

Imagine you’re having a conversation to ensure your blog has the right tone

Join the conversation by responding to comments

Know your audience and what their needs are

Leverage your content by re-purposing and repackaging it

Monitor traffic and comments to measure results

Never plagiarize

Offer expert advice as the hook to get them to learn more about you

Publish the content to various social media platforms

Quality counts – so remember to proofread

Recognize that everyone may not agree with what you have to say

Stand out from the crowd by offering unique content

Tell a story to help your readers relate

Uncover solutions to prospects’ problems

Verify facts before publishing them

Write what you know

XYZ(e)xamine your zest. Ok, this one’s a stretch. What it means is write with enthusiasm and your readers will respond.



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11 responses to “The ABCs of Blogging by Ford Saeks

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  2. Thanks, I’m looking for as much help as I can find about the blogging subject.

  3. I am a new author. All this is new to me. thanks for your help! I need it Lucy

  4. Thank you for this information, very helpful.

  5. Kesha Haggans

    This is excellent. I’m a brand new author and this is wonderful insight on how to broaden our horizons!! Thanks!

  6. cherryevasquez

    These are all excellent ideas. I need to Jumpstart blogging again, but remain consistent.

    Thank you for sharing his tips with us.


  7. I don’t even know enough about social media to understand what I just read! Am I hopeless?
    I’ve just had my first book published, and I’m at work on a second, but I don’t even know how to start a blog. I know that I have a lot of information to share, but I don’t have one clue how to begin!

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