Who are you, anyway?

I am Jim Miller, a book marketing consultant and associate marketing director for Tate Publishing, the greatest innovator in the publishing industry. It is my job to create opportunities for authors to market and sell their books, and I really enjoy helping people understand what makes the book market tick.

I do that in three primary ways:

1) Brainstorm with them on how to reach their niche,

2) make sure their books are available in retail distribution to the extent that I can, and

3) publicize their events.

Book marketing is tricky in a world where the number of readers is shrinking and bookstores are closing, but the number of books published in a year is increasing. There is no magic dust I can sprinkle on a book to make it sell. Marketing savvy hit the rest of the world about 100 years ago. It is increasingly critical in the book world today.

This blog is primarily a collection of the tips I’ve given the authors I represent, but it is open for anyone to read. As a busy marketing professional, I don’t always have time to respond to comments here, and I can’t give away the publicity services my clients pay for, but your comments are welcome.


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